Lil Skies - Ok

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Lil Skies - Ok
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Текст песни Lil Skies - Ok

Fuck nigga say he got a problem
Hol' up, nigga, keep your head up
I'm a young nigga, got my bread up
I'm fuckin' his bitch with my leg up (Let's go)
We pull up in Excursions
2020, nigga in a suburban
I'm shootin' that nigga, I'm swervin'
I'm fuckin' his bitch but she slurpin'
We shoot his lil' brother in a hoopty
In a while, we shooting a movie
I'm fuckin' on all these groupies
These niggas be actin' like goofies
I dance on a bitch like Fivi
Give her Perc', she call me papi
Tattoos all on my body
Let her come ride on my Johnny
These bitches, they say I'm cocky
Look at 'em, like, "Who gon' stop me?"
Been ballin' on niggas like Kyrie
Big boss shit like John Gotti
In the game and you know I gotta win it
Been ballin', nigga, give me a minute
You on the side lines and you lookin' like you losin'
You talkin' all that shit, nigga why you accusin'?
You actin' like a bitch, stop doin' that hoe shit
Instagram, postin' pictures of your toe shit
What the fuck? Niggas on some hoe shit
I mean it like, niggas on some hoe shit
Me and Stan, we on kick the door shit
Back to back, kick up in your flow shit
I run up in your house and I get the motion
I ain't with the back and forth and all the commotion
I was really down bad but now I'm floatin'
Track to track, back to back, I go in
Lap for lap, around the world, they notice
Fast as fuck like a locomotive
Walk in the trap like, "Hey"
Look at that bitch like, "You ain't my bae"
You ain't payin' my rent, my shit ain't paid
Bitch wanna fuck and just get laid
Nigga like me, I'm steady gettin' paid, huh
Workin' that bitch like a maid, huh
Workin' that bitch like a slave, huh
Workin' 'til I'm in my fuckin' grave, huh

Another verse, I can do it for fun
Lyrical like a nigga, Big Pun
Lyrical Lemonade with the runts
Lyrical Lemonade, how I stunt
Niggas hatin', I feel like I'm Cole Bennett
Hop out the Tesla with a midget
Came up in this bitch with a smidget
Nigga talkin', I'ma make him cricket
I can't settle for no minimal wage
Nigga like me countin' the blues
Nigga like me stay with the crew
Nigga like me jump out the stu'
Young nigga, I was countin' the dollars
Young nigga make ya big momma holla
Young nigga, I been countin' with partners
Young nigga, I'ma spend it with goblins
Young nigga, I stay with all the troops
Young nigga, they gon' hop out and shoot
Dark tints, thing gon' slide through the roof
Dark tints, thing gon' show you what it do
If you tell the cops, nigga, you lame
Nigga think he flexin' with that lil' chain
Nigga think he up like he the thang
Nigga thinkin' 'til we take off his brain
Go to the bank, pull out a fifty
Bad bitch sent me pics of her titties
I'm a clean nigga, don't give me hickeys
Kicked her out after she suck my (Dicky)
Where your bag at? Bitch, I got (Plenty)
Sippin' lean, it go straight to my (Kidney)
Big guns, we gon' shoot 'em with (Semis)
Smoking runts, this shit, this shit gas